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With a focus on corporate governance and compliance, the company secretarial services offered by our team of professionals at Danesh&Co are geared towards achieving successful start-ups that are in line with all statutory requirements laid out by HMRC and Companies Act, while also assisting existing businesses to do the same.

Business Advisory

We offer Strategic Planning and Business Growth services that can give decision makers key insights into business operations.

Corporate Tax

Corporation tax is a major part of your trading. We can help you with this.

Tax Returns

We are here to relieve you and your staff from the troubles and burdens.

Payroll Services

Paying your staff accurately and regularly in accordance with the latest payroll.

Business Start Up

The essentials of starting a new business are always based on a realistic business.

Business Support

Danesh&Co advise on processes such as Financial Planning, Budgeting, Management Accounts and Business Snapshots.


We provide services that help your business stay financially healthy and ensure compliance in accordance with HMRC Guidelines.


Professional and Expert advice on corporate and personal Tax Planning to effectively manage your tax and file returns with HMRC to avoid penalties.


Accounting Strategies for Growing a Business, That's what you get here.

Inheritance tax

As we get a little older, it is inevitable that thoughts turn to inheritance tax and the understandable desire to reduce the tax burden on assets passed to the next generation. With inheritance tax currently at 40%, there is potentially a large tax bill to pay and careful planning in this area can really add value and save substantial sums.

Management buyouts

We understand that completing a successful management buyout can be a stressful and complicated process for any management team looking to take more ownership of their business. Advice is critical right from the start to help you navigate the risks.

Outsourced Accounts Department

Whether you’re at a critical point in your growth and your accounts department needs support or you just want to focus on what you’re good at, outsourcing your financial services, or whole accounting function is a solution that’s becoming increasingly popular.

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Audit Services

We offer specialised audit services for small to medium-sized enterprises and owner managed businesses. We take a systematic approach to examining books, accounts, records, and documents, to develop an accurate depiction of the business’s financial statements.Our audit services include statutory audits, regulatory and compliance audits, and due diligence.

Bookkeeping Services

We offer bookkeeping services for the accurate recording of all financial transactions within your business.This includes information on purchases, sales, tax obligations, receipts, and payments.As an essential component of the process of accounting, bookkeeping ensures that businesses stay abreast of all financial comings and goings in the business in real time; whether those be for payments received, payments made, or when facilitating self-assessment tax returns and Corporation Tax Returns.

Business Consultancy Services

We offer services that target the senior management of a range of organisations that help them to streamline their business processes. These services are offered by specialists in financial services relating to businesses of all sizes, including services offered by sole trader, partnership, and limited company accountants.Our business and management consultancy services work to enhance the effectiveness of business strategies, resulting in improved operational performance, statutory compliance, and success.

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